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By default, the dump history feature is enabled when you configure SAP ASE on AWS. After each database dump, SAP ASE generates a dump history file named dumphist in the /ase/config/ASE-16_0/ directory. After each dump, the script saves a copy of this file to the S3 archive folder, and rename it using this convention:

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40 Minutes | AWS Storage Gateway, Amazon S3, and more Create a Network File System Learn how to create a Linux system sharable elastic file system in the cloud.

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# coding: utf-8 from pathlib import Path import os from osgeo import osr import dateutil from dateutil import parser from datetime import timedelta import uuid import ...

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$ aws configure get aws_access_key_id $ aws configure get aws_secret_access_key $ aws configure get region Package contents. The zip file (see end-to-end steps below) will contain following files: - Script that user needs to execute to set up AWS EMR Cluster. The cluster will be created and DT-RTS installed along with the app.

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Fix bug in csv_file when LS config has CSV filter plugin specified as well as a csv dictionary. Updated formatting of examples in documentation for consistent rendering Add iterate_on setting to support fields that are arrays, see the docs for detailed explanation. Add Rufus::Scheduler to provide asynchronous loading of dictionary.

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aws s3api. For simple filesystem operations like mv, ls, cp, etc. After installing the AWS cli via pip install awscli, you can access S3 operations in two ways: both the s3 and the s3api commands are installed.

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Jun 26, 2015 · Introduction. In the previous CodeDeploy posting, we used the sample application and deployed it following the simple “CodeDeploy Walkthrough” in the AWS console UI.. This sequence hides a bit of the det

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AWS S3 is a fantastic resource for cloud object storage! The only complaint that I often hear is in the lack of transparency to understand current usage. Because S3 is an object storage engine, your files are not stored hierarchically or registered centrally - as with a traditional file system - which essentially...

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1、介绍rgw lifecycle功能,也叫rgw生命周期功能,简单的理解就是我们对rgw bucket设置一个策略,这个策略规定bucket里面的数据何时过期,从而将过期的对象删掉或转移到其他地方。 目前12版本只支持将到期的数据对象删除掉,后面可能会增加把到期的数据对象转移到其他地方(比如N版里面加入的STORAGE ...

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The out_s3 Output plugin writes records into the Amazon S3 cloud object storage service. By default, it creates files on an hourly basis. aws_sec_key YOUR_AWS_SECRET_KEY. s3_bucket YOUR_S3_BUCKET_NAME. s3_region ap-northeast-1.

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aws configure. Use the key and secret from your CSV file. Paste it in to the corresponding location. Use us-east-1 for the region; Use text as the default output format. To verify you were logged in correctly, type aws s3 ls and you should see your S3 buckets.

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